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Kate PiatkowskaMerlin Sutter

booya (slang)
1. An impudent exclamation similar to "in your face".
2. An excited exclamation of extreme pleasure, approval, etc.;
"He said ''booyah!'' when I told him I made tacos for dinner"

venture [/ˈvɛntʃə/]
1. a risky or daring journey or undertaking;
"Pioneering ventures into little-known waters"

Booya Ventures Ltd, based in London, UK and Winterthur, Switzerland, is owned and run by musicians, road crew, and music lovers. Our company began on a tour bus, somewhere between a some 1'000 shows in over 45 countries on 6 continents when we, the two founders Kate Piatkowska & Merlin Sutter, decided to take things into our own hands. After many, many years of professional employment, musicianship and entrepreneurship in the music industry - playing music, tour managing, production managing, mixing sound, selling merch, planning shows, accounting, advancing, negotiating, traveling and generally pulling ourselves up by the bootstraps - we decided to build a place where we can take care of you, the artist, better.

We've built Booya Music from the ground up, providing artist management and expanding our arsenal of all-around artist services. We have thorough hands-on experience in building an artist from absolutely nothing to international recording and touring careers, both in the back office and on the front lines on the road and in the studio.

And we've built our e-commerce services Booya Merch right alongside, steady and patiently, to provide a better platform for direct-to-fan merch stores. Recognising merchandising and e-commerce as one of the most crucial revenue streams for any artist in today's music industry, our goal is to keep the distance between artist and fans as short as possible.

It is our mission to eliminate whatever obstacle stands between you and your creativity. Please contact us for any further enquiries.

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Management & Artist Services

Transparency, fairness, artists first. Artist management, direct-to-fan solutions, digital release management, tour services, marketing & more.

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Artist-friendly E-Commerce

Simplicity, fairness, artists first. Direct-to-fan sales, direct-to-artist revenues. Powered by the latest technology.

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