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We are a boutique partnership with global capacity. While we're based in London, England, with a branch location near Zurich, Switzerland, our office travels wherever we go. Which could be in any of the 45 countries on 6 continents we visit regularly. We manage a select roster of talented artists and offer tailor-made, project-based artist services (get in touch!)

Our company began on a tour bus, somewhere between well over 2'000 shows around the world when we, the two founders Kate Piatkowska & Merlin Sutter, decided to take things into our own hands - after many, many years of professional employment, musicianship and entrepreneurship in the music industry: making music, tour managing, production managing, mixing sound, selling merch, planning shows, accounting, advancing, negotiating, traveling and generally pulling ourselves up by the bootstraps.

We provide artist management and and evolving arsenal of all-around artist services. We have thorough hands-on experience in building an artist from the ground up to international recording and touring careers. We are at home both in the back office, managing tours and releases, and on the front lines on the road and in the studio. In addition, having run online stores for clients including Eluveitie, Coroner, Wintersun and Blue Pills from 2012 to 2017 has provided us with in-depth experience and a thorough understanding of merchandising and direct-to-fan sales.

We are currently laser-focused on managing Cellar Darling, Forest Of Fog and Anna Murphy.


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KM Music

Kate Piatkowska & Merlin Sutter
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